Field of Screams

The original Field of Screams in Lancaster PA is America's Halloween destination with 4 huge haunted attractions and a fantastic midway. Take the Mountville exit and enjoy free parking, great food and games, and thrills to last a lifetime at Field of Screams this Halloween season.

"Field of Screams" in Lancaster is celebrating their 26th year in 2018! The ORIGINAL FIELD OF SCREAMS is a top-notch Halloween haunted attraction with more 'screams for your shillings'! Their Frightmare Asylum has non-stop visual terrors from start to finish! It is above and beyond what you could ever imagine!

Here's a quote from their website that tells it like it is:

"When it comes to terrifying thrills and spine-tingling chills, Field of Screams in Lancaster, Pennsylvania gives you more than you can handle. One visit to this world renowned Halloween Horror Fest and you will quickly learn why the horrifying events here have earned this originator the title of America’s #1 Haunted Attraction. Four world-class haunted attractions at "Field of Screams" are sure to please by delivering non-stop heart-pounding action that will leave you begging for the end to be near."

This SCARE SEASON (September, 2018), Field of Screams in Lancaster opens their 2018 Halloween season with many new additions and delivers the goods. They operate the most consistently frightful haunted attraction in the area!

Jim & Gene Schopf, the owners of Field of Screams, are not only the best in the business of haunting, but they are innovators in the haunt world.

Frightmare Asylum may very well be the BEST indoor HAUNTED HOUSE I have ever seen! It's a visual stunner! Non-stop actors who are relentless!

The Den of Darkness actors are so good, they made me jump TWICE during my visit. That's a record! I rarely jump during an entire haunt season.

It's even better than you can imagine! 
Distance? Drive time? WORTH IT! 

Opening in Sept 2018! See the official Field of Screams website for full dates, times, and general information.

After visiting Field of Screams in Lancaster for many years, they are the must have haunted attraction on your list for each and every year! This place has it all - friendly staff, great parking, reasonable prices, and they put on one hell of a haunt! You cannot ask for more! 

Be sure to visit "Field of Screams"!


Randy Tuggle said…
This haunted attraction is the best in the business. When it comes to being fully prepared for anything and treating patrons to a best in class experience, no one does it better than Jim and Gene Schopf at Field of Screams. On a rating system of five stars, I would give this haunt an 8 out of 5. It's that damned good. Others try to offer multi haunt attractions themselves to look competitive - but they rarely offer any value. Honest works. Haunters, be true to your audience. Do one thing and do it well. Remember, Field of Screams started out in 1993 as a hayride alone and built from there. Offer value to your customers. They'll actually come back.

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